Novalis™ Tx Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

One of the more important new procedures offered at USMD Prostate Cancer Center is the Novalis™ TX Novalis™ Tx Radiation Therapy for Prostate CancerRadiation Therapy System. This powerful new IGRT technology can treat prostate cancer with incredible precision and control, but is most importantly a completely non-invasive treatment with no pain or recovery time involved!

One of the more important new procedures offered at USMD Prostate Cancer Center is image-guided radiation therapy treatments using the Novalis™ Tx. This powerful innovation in radiation therapy is a type of image-guided radiation therapy that can treat cancer without a single incision to the patient. It is a highly effective technique with many advantages.

Instead of lengthy treatment times, treatment sessions with the Novalis Tx last just minutes, not hours. Using sophisticated image guidance and tracking capability, the doctor is able to pinpoint the exact location and shape of the tumor and deliver a very high-dose of radiation to destroy the cancer cells.

The Novalis Tx takes radiation therapy to an unprecedented level. It offers an extremely precise method of ensuring that cancer cells receive the maximum dose, while limiting radiation to adjacent healthy tissue and organs, including the bladder and rectum.

Radiation therapy with the Novalis Tx is custom-tailored to your specific needs. The first step is to undergo imaging exams using both CT Scan and MRI. The results from these exams are combined to create a detailed, 3-dimensional, high-resolution picture of your anatomy which aids doctors in precise planning and radiation delivery.

During the treatment, a robotic table continually tracks and realigns the patient's body in six dimensions, allowing for even the slightest movements during treatment. This allows the linear accelerator to ensure extremely accurate placement of the high-dose radiation beam. The technology of the Novalis Tx allows the imaging systems, robotic table and linear accelerator to work together, delivering treatment exactly as planned every single moment.

Radiation Team

Peter LaNasa, M.D. Peter LaNasa, M.D.

Dr. LaNasa is specialized in using the Novalis Tx™ Surgical System: a remarkable technology that offers a virtually painless and 100% non-invasive alternative to surgery.
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