GETTING A SECOND OPINION - Before I begin prostate cancer treatment, should I seek a second opinion?

Recent research has shown that the results of prostate cancer treatment are far better if an advanced center that specializes in prostate cancer is involved.

Why should I get my second opinion at USMD Prostate Cancer Center? We are one of the most comprehensive and advanced prostate cancer centers in the world featuring an integrated approach to cancer treatment. By getting your second opinion at USMD Prostate Cancer Center, you can be assured your initial diagnosis was correct and thorough, be well informed about all your treatment options and their potential outcomes and associated risk. This knowledge places you in the drivers seat in your battle against prostate cancer. Our all-encompassing center is beautifully appointed and conveniently located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Full imaging and diagnostic testing on-site

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Do I need another biopsy to get a second opinion?

Not necessarily. If your physician sends your slides to USMD Prostate Cancer Center, our pathologists can typically review them without the need for you to have any additional biopsies. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to obtain additional biopsies to confirm your diagnosis, but this can only be determined after your initial slides have been reviewed.

What is involved in getting a second opinion?

Your physician or hospital will send your medical information-- biopsy slides, case summary and other diagnostic test results. The review process normally takes several days, after which USMD sends a report of all findings to your physician and/or others you may designate. The costs of a second opinion from USMD Prostate cancer might not be covered by your insurance. Medicare may not cover a second opinion requested by a physician. We will help you fill out the form requesting additional insurance coverage and allowing you to receive the consultation knowing that you might have to pay for it yourself.

What if I want a treatment or technology that is not available at my initial location?

Both your health and healthcare are among your most important decisions. You are ultimately the one who must fight your cancer. After receiving a second opinion, if you are comfortable with the experience and expertise of your original physician and the treatment options available, begin your treatment with this physician. We realize not all facilities have the breadth of treatment options, leading-edge technologies, and the experience and diversity of the specialists USMD Prostate Cancer Center provides their patients. USMD Prostate Cancer Center, located on the campus of USMD Hospital features a fully integrated, all-encompassing treatment center in a beautifully appointed location in the heart of the D/FW Metroplex.

Please feel free to call us for your second opinion. 1-888-PROSTATE.

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