Food For Thought – Diet for Prostate Cancer

Although the actual causes of prostate cancer are unclear, many studies indicate that diet for prostate cancer can go a long way toward reducing risk factors for the disease. Researchers have identified a connection between certain chemicals found naturally in foods and a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Although diet alone cannot protect you completely from developing the disease, these suggestions for diet for prostate cancer could help reduce your risks. Foods to increase in your diet for prostate cancer include:

Tomato-based Products
Tomatoes contain significant amounts of lycopene, a carotenoid that helps limit damage to cells like those contained in the prostate. Soups, pasta sauces, and tomato juice added to your diet can help reduce your prostate cancer risk. Another fruit to add to your diet for prostate cancer is watermelon, which also contains a significant amount of lycopene.

Green Tea
Beverages including green tea and pomegranate juice are excellent to add to your diet for prostate cancer as they are rich in the antioxidants known as polyphenols. These substances help prevent cell oxidation and stop the spread of cancer cells.

Cruciferous Vegetables
Fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and bok choy all contain compounds known to protect cells from DNA damage, which many scientists believe helps prostate cancer to develop.

Foods to avoid as part of your diet for prostate cancer include:

Meats Cooked at High Temperatures
Grilling or sautéing meats at high temperatures releases a carcinogen found to cause prostate cancer laboratory tests, as does charbroiling red meat or chicken with the skin intact. The carcinogens are similar to those found in cigarette smoke. Instead, use recipes that call for meats to be cooked at lower temperatures or in foil. Keep blackening to a minimum, and be sure to include seafood, grilled vegetables and fruits to your menu if you grill frequently.

Sugary and Processed Foods
Cancer cells gain energy from sugar, so for those already diagnosed with prostate cancer, reducing sugars can help slow the growth of those cells. In addition, obesity has also been linked to prostate cancer, so reducing sugar in your diet for prostate cancer can lower weight and possibly help you avoid developing the disease.

Dairy Products
Many studies have found that men who consume higher quantities of dairy products have a slightly higher risk of developing prostate cancer, although the reason for this is not known. Some researchers believe that lactose and calcium may cause development of cancer cells in the prostate. However, men following a diet for prostate cancer should not cut out dairy products completely, as men need calcium for healthy bone growth. Limit consumption to 1,000 mg per day, which is equal to three-eight ounce cups of milk.

Although scientists are not clear why diet for prostate cancer may prevent some men from developing the disease, the fact is that a healthier diet keeps your weight under control, creates a healthier lifestyle and prevents heart disease as well. For more information about diet for prostate cancer, visit us online.


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